Who can be a CCYA Member?

CCYA members can be youth who are 21 or under as of January 1st of the current year – the same as 4-H age in many provinces.

Two different types of membership are available to youth. The CCA will manage a junior membership program only for youth members interested in having their own tattoo letters and farm name. Youth currently with tattoo letters will be invoiced in January for their fees. All other youth will be invoiced from the CCA office with membership fees due to the CCYA
by January 1st .

The membership structure and benefits are detailed in the following table:

If you have questions or concerns please email us!


Junior CCA Member
CCYA Member
$25 + tax
$20 ($40 if CCYA membership is paid at the time of show & conference)
Paid To

Canadian Charolais Association
2320-41st Avenue N.E.
Calgary, AB
T2E 6W8

Canadian Charolais Youth Association
2320-41st Avenue N.E.
Calgary, AB
T2E 6W8

Due Date
January 1
January 1
Semi-Annual Newsletter
Conference & Show Attendance
Essay Competition
Leadership Scholarship
Incentive Programs
Genetics Program
                 Tattoo Letters/Herd Name
                    Registration of Animals
                 Performance testing (EPDs)


• All current members will be invoiced by January 1 by the CCA. If members wish to become a CCYA member at conference time, they will be invoiced at the higher fee.

• If anytime during the year, a CCYA member wishes to change their membership to a JrCCA membership, they can notify the CCA office.  They will be required to pay the additional $5, and the CCYA will transfer their original $20 fee to the CCA.

• The advantage of paying your CCYA membership fees by January 1 rather than July offers you more time to participate in all of our youth programs for the entire year.

• Click here to print out the Membership form to complete and mail back to us.