Rules and Requirements

Essay Requirements:

1. Youth members will write an essay on a topic assigned for each age category.

2. An essay form must be included as the cover page.

3. Essays must be typed, Size 12 – Times New Roman font, double spaced, 1” margins

4. Length:
– Juniors – 1 page
– Intermediate – 1-2 pages
– Senior – 2-3 pages

5. Essays due June 1st


1. Youth members will write and research their essay independently.

2. Any references or resources must be cited.

3. Youth members will be active members in good standing at the time of submission of their essays.


1. CCYA Adult Advisors will select (from among the advisors) the respective Judges (or individuals responsible for coordinating the judging) and the Essay Contest Coordinator. The respective Judges for each category will remain anonymous to all youth members, including National Board Members.

2. Suggested topics will be submitted by January 1, for the upcoming year, by the National Board to the Essay Contest Coordinator.

3. The Adult Advisors will select the essay topic, within each age division by January 5, of the respective year.

4. The essay topics for each respective age category, and contact information for the Essay Contest Coordinator, will be made available to youth members starting January 15, of the respective year, through the following formats: Charolais Banner Articles, CCYA website posting, CCYA Spring Newsletter, and CCYA mailings.

5. Youth members will submit their typed essay by June 1st, of the current year, either electronically or by mail to the Essay Contest Coordinator.

6. The Essay Contest Coordinator will distribute the essays to the Adult Advisors judging the competition, by June 5, of the respective year.

7. The winners for each respective age category will be announced at the Annual CCYA Conference and Show. Prize money will be awarded at this time.

8. Funds allocated each year will be to a maximum of $1,000 and will be contingent upon funds available in the CCYA National Board account.

9. Sponsorship of this competition will be accepted if outside funds or sponsorship are made available.