Essay Contest

Purpose: The Canadian Charolais Youth Association National Board Annual Essay Competition has been created by the CCYA National Board to encourage youth to be involved in the Charolais industry and actively promote the educational endeavors of CCYA members.


1st Place – $300
1st Place – $200
1st Place – $125
2nd Place – $200
2nd Place – $100
2nd Place – $75

Essay Requirements:

  • Youth members will write an essay on a topic assigned for each age category.
  • An essay form must be included as the cover page. See below.
  • Essays must be typed, Size 12 – Times New Roman font, double spaced, 1”margins
  • Length:
    – Juniors – 1 to 2 pages
    – Intermediate – 2 to 3 pages
    – Senior – 2 to 4 pages
  • Essays to be submitted by June 15th, of the current year, either electronically or mailed to the Essay Contest Coordinator.


  • Youth members will write and research their essay independently.
  • Any references or resources will be cited.
  • Youth members will be active members in good standing at the time of submission of their essays.

2022 Topic

Junior: How would you describe the cattle industry to your classmate?
Intermediate/Senior: Discuss your strategy to navigate a year with unforeseen challenges in the cattle industry (i.e., weather, economy).

The submissions will still be judged by age category. Expectations for the content structure and writing style will differ depending on the age category. You must follow the requirements for your age category as set out in the Competition Rules.

View and Download the 2022 Essay Application Form.

Past Topics:

2012 Topic: Why eat beef?
2013: What can you do to support the positive face of agriculture?
2014: If you could teach someone about agriculture, what is your story?
2015: What has the agriculture industry given you?
2016: What do you see as the most effective means to reach and educate consumers about the beef industry?
2017: If you were the Agriculture Minister, provincially or federally, what would you do to enhance the Canadian agriculture industry?
2018: Compare the positive and negative effects of hormone free/non GMO beef campaigns (such as A&W) on the cattle industry?
2019: (Jr) From pasture to plate, tell us your Canadian “beef story”. (Int and Sr) Discuss the importance and challenges of trade for the Canadian Beef Industry.
2020: Discuss plant based “beef”