Fundraising and Sponsorship

The Canadian Charolais Youth Association is an organization formed in order to benefit and provide opportunities for youth in the Charolais industry. As you can see on our site we have a variety of activities and programs for our youth members.

These programs are funded by membership dues and small fundraisers that we undertake, such as the cattle stickers currently being sold by board members and the annual semen sale at the National Show. We are always open to fundraising suggestions and would be also willing to discuss sponsorship opportunities, for example if an interested party wanted to sponsor or contribute to our Leadership Scholarship.

The CCYA Annual Conference and Show is held in a different province each year and a large part of hosting a conference is fundraising. Hosting a conference comes with many costs, however the benefits that CCYA members receive from attending these conferences is well work all the money and hard work.

The CCYA Youth work hard to fundraise for each conference and show and once a year, the CCYA members often sell raffle tickets for an Annual Donation Heifer at the National Charolais show. You can also support CCYA members by directly sponsoring the Conference and Show, or by buying a business card ad in the Charolais Banner calendar.

If you are interested in sponsoring the CCYA and/or our Conference and Show, please contact the CCYA National Board Treasurer.