The objective of the CCYA are to develop and strengthen youth involvement in the breeding, raising, and promotion of Charolais cattle, as well as to unite youth from across Canada.

The existence of the National Board, which includes representatives from the various provinces/regions, ensures that all regions are given an equal opportunity to be involved with the CCYA, and fosters communication between the various regions. The board is responsible for providing insight and recommendations to the Conference and Show executive, maintaining a positive relationship with the Canadian Charolais Association, and overseeing the various CCYA programs that take place.

The CCYA programs available to youth include:

Genetic Program:

With semen donated by generous breeders in our industry.

  • Allows members to use genetics that would ordinarily be inaccessible
  • Encourages youth to take an active role in planning their breeding program

Essay Contest:

  • Provides an opportunity for youth to express their position on hot topics
    in the industry
  • Expands members knowledge through research


  • Encourages youth to invest in their own future
  • Supports youth who are active in the Charolais industry

Semi-Annual Newsletters:

  • Keeps youth members informed and in touch with industry issues


  • Provides application forms, useful links, Conference and Show pictures and results,
    and tips and tricks.

CCYA Conference and Show:

1. Judging and Marketing

– Individual

  • Enhance organizational skills
  • Develop public speaking skills
  • Expose youth to the Business aspect of farming

– Team

  • Encourage co-operation and friendship
  • Provide a forum for knowledge exchange
  • Develop business networking skills

2. Art and Photography

  • Provide an opportunity for individuals to express their talents
  • Encourage youth to look at the industry from a different perspective
  • Generate ideas for breed/industry promotion

3. Showmanship and Grooming

  • Develop pride in presentation
  • Encourage teamwork among members of all ages
  • Provide an opportunity for mentoring and the development of mentoring skills

4. Conformation and Showman Ship

  • Develop good sportsmanship skills
  • Provide an opportunity evaluate their genetic program with cattle from
    across the country
  • Encourage constant improvement in members and in their breeding programs